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Oracle Tips by Burleson

Chapter 8 General Oracle Auditing

  1. Then the data in the archived table should be deleted from the main aud$ table. A simple DELETE AUD$ will do; but there are two problems:

  • A regular delete generates a lot of redo and undo activity.

  • A regular delete also does not reset the high water mark, so the table is fragmented.

Therefore, as an alternative, we will create a separate temporary table named aud_temp on the same tablespace as the aud$ table. This table holds the records that are not present in the archived table AUD0306.

  1. After this table is created, the original aud$ table is dropped.

  2. The table aud_temp is then renamed to the main table aud$. The index on it, I_AUD1, is rebuilt.

  3. The tablespace AUD0306 is converted to READ ONLY.

  4. This tablespace is now transported to a separate medium such as a WORM device, which could be as simple as a Writable CD-ROM. The datafiles of the tablespace and the small export dump file are written to the WORM device.

  5. The tablespace is then dropped.

These steps have been implemented in the code below. The code has been deliberatively broken into three parts since only the successful execution of the prior part should pave the way for the next part. If an error occurs during any part, it should be stopped.

--   Copyright © 2003 by Rampant TechPress Inc.

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