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ISBN 0-9727513-1-9
ISBN 13: 978-0972751315
Library of Congress Number: 2003090841
130 pages
Perfect Bind 9x7
PD 803
Shelving: Database/Oracle Oracle In-Focus Series # 2

  Conducting the Oracle Job Interview
IT Manager Guide for Oracle Job Interviews with Oracle Interview Questions

Mike Ault & Don Burleson

Retail Price $29.95
/  £10.95 
Key Features About the Authors Table of Contents
Index Reader Comments Errata

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As professional consultants, Don Burleson and Mike Ault have interviewed hundreds of Oracle job candidates.  With over four decades of interviewing experience, Ault and Burleson tell you how to quickly identify acceptable Oracle job candidates by asking the right Oracle job interview questions.

Mike Ault and Don Burleson are among the best-selling Oracle Authors in the world.  With combined authorship of over 40 books, Ault & Burleson combine their talents in this exceptional handbook.

This book is the accumulated observations of the authors interviews with hundreds of Oracle professionals.  The authors provide useful insights into what characteristics make a good DBA and offer their accumulated techniques as an aid to interviewing an Oracle job candidate.

This handy guide has a complete set of Oracle job interview questions and provides a complete method for accurately accessing the technical abilities of Oracle job candidates. By using Oracle job interview questions that only an experienced person knows, your DBA can ask the right interview questions and fill your Oracle job with the best qualified DBA or developer.


Key Features

* Assists the IT manager in choosing the best-qualified Oracle professionals.

* Provides proven techniques that can accurately ascertain a job candidates suitability for an Oracle position.

* Lists the personality characteristics of successful Oracle professionals and how to identify candidates with the right demeanor.

* Describes methods for evaluating academic and work history for Oracle professionals.

* Includes managers’ checklist of personality and background characteristics that indicate a suitable Oracle job candidate.

* Covers techniques for quickly scan resumes and find the best-qualified Oracle job candidates.

* Includes oral interview questions for Oracle DBAs, Oracle developers and Oracle Analysts.

About the Authors:

Donald Burleson

Donald K. Burleson is one of the world’s top Oracle Database experts with more than 25 years of full-time DBA experience.  He specializes in creating database architectures for very large online databases and he has worked with some of the world’s most powerful and complex systems.  

A former Adjunct Professor, Don Burleson has written more than 30 books, published more than 100 articles in National Magazines, and serves as Editor-in-Chief of Rampant TechPress. Don is a popular lecturer and teacher and is a frequent speaker at Oracle OpenWorld and other international database conferences.


Free Oracle Tips


Mike Ault

Mike Ault has five Oracle Masters Certificates.  Ault was the first popular Oracle author with his book "Oracle7 Administration and Management" and he also wrote several of the "Exam Cram" books.


Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Oracle professional evaluation
    Preparing the Oracle job offering
      Preparing the incentive package
      Defining the Required Job Skills
      Basic skills for the Oracle Professional
      Basic IT skills
   Oracle Certified Professionals
   The value of Oracle certification
      Training for certification
   Characteristics of a top-notch Oracle professional
   Sample job sheet for an Oracle DBA
      Oracle Job Requirement sheet
      Work experience
      OCP Certification
      Publishing and Research
      Personal integrity
      USA Citizenship
      Additional Specialized skills
Chapter 2 - Qualities of the successful Oracle professional
 Evaluating Employment History
      Fraudulent work history
      Evaluating Personal integrity
      Evaluating Academic history
   Personality of the Successful Oracle Professional
      A Curious nature
      A Tenacious disposition
      Polite Manners
      Detail Orientation
Chapter 3 - Roles for the Oracle Professional
Managing the Oracle Job Interview
   The Role of the DBA
      Configuration management
      System security
      Monitoring and tuning
      Backup and recovery strategies
      Communication skills
Chapter 4 - Initial Screening of the Oracle Professional
 Resume evaluation for Oracle Professionals
      Developing questions for interviews
      Appropriate Appearance
   Telephone Screening Oracle Job Candidates
   After hiring the candidate

Chapter 5 - The on-site technical interview
  Telephone pre-interview questions
   In-depth Technical Interview questions
      Tips for administering the job interview questions
      PL/SQL job interview questions
      Oracle DBA job interview questions
      SQL*Plus and SQL Job Interview Questions
      Oracle Performance Tuning Job Interview Questions
      Oracle Installation and Configuration Job Interview Questions
      Data Modeling Job Interview Questions
      Oracle UNIX Job Interview Questions
      Oracle Troubleshooting Job Interview Questions
      Results of the Interview with the potential Oracle DBA

Index Topics:

Errata and Enhancements


The test section is not intended to be used as a comprehensive Oracle technical exam, and the technical questions in this code depot are only intended to be examples. The only way to accurately evaluate the Oracle skills of a job applicant is to employ the services of an experienced Oracle DBA and conduct an in-depth technical interview and skills assessment.

Also note that the expected answers from the questions are highly dependent upon the version of Oracle.  We have tried to make the questions as version neutral as possible, but each release of Oracle brings hundreds of changes and new features, and these example questions may not be appropriate for your version of Oracle.  All of the interview questions presented in this book should be administered by an experienced Oracle DBA.


Enhancements to the expected answers are noted in red.


Page 35, question 7


7. What dictionary file tells the size of each database file?


The best answer is dba_data_files, although sys.file$ and sys.v$datafile are also correct.


Page 40, Question 11

11. What are the types of table triggers ?


 Skill Level:  Intermediate to High


Expected Answer: There are 12 types of triggers  in PL/SQL  that consist of combinations of the BEFORE, AFTER, ROW, TABLE, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and EACH key words. 








Page 44, Question 10

10.  (On UNIX ) When should more than one DB writer process be used? How many should be used?


Skill Level: High


Expected answer: If the UNIX  system being used is capable of asynchronous IO, then only one is required. If the system is not capable of asynchronous IO, then up to twice the number of disks used by Oracle number of DB writers should be specified by use of the initialization parameter for your Oracle release that sets the number of DBWR processes.


Async IO usually indicates a multi-threaded model for disk access will be used and Oracle states several times that with async IO most systems don't need multiple db writers, however, in some cases multiple db writers can be helpful. The number varies from twice the number of cpus to the number of disks expected to be used, which ever value is smaller

Reader Comments:

Ted from the Bay Area, CA says:

This was very enjoyable read and I'm very happy to see that many of the details about using the Oracle9i dynamic SGA are revealed. The problem has always been that the Oracle documentation tells you about the new features yet fail to tell you about how to apply them.

After reading this book I was able to understand the automatic-tuning methods in Oracle10g and they made sense because the author revealed some of the mechanisms that they use. The online scripts are very nice also, with many I had never seen before.

Martin from San Francisco, CA says:
This book is a great help to me as an IT manager that lacks knowledge of Oracle but routinely needs to hire Oracle DBAs. The questions and answers are particularly helpful in the interview process. Selecting technical professionals has always been difficult when I lack the familiarity with the technology to parse between the experienced applicants and those who simply throw around buzz words and catch phrases. Using this text I can grade the applicants and weed out the inexperienced ones.


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