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ISBN 0-9744355-7-0 
ISBN 13: 978-0974435572
Library of Congress Number: 2004101890
160 pages - Perfect bind - 9x7 PD 404
Computer Certification
IT Job Interview Series # 4

  Conducting the Network Administrator Job Interview
IT Manager Guide with Cisco CCNA Interview Questions

Adam Haeder

Retail Price $16.95 /  £10.95 
Key Features   About the Author
Table of Contents   Errata
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This book is the accumulated observations of the authors interviews with hundreds of job candidates. The author provides useful insights into what characteristics make a good Network Administrator programmer and offer their accumulated techniques as an aid to interviewing an Network Administrator job candidate.

This handy guide has a complete set of Network Administrator job interview questions and provides a complete method for accurately accessing the technical abilities of Network Administrator job candidates. By using Network Administrator job interview questions that only an experienced person knows, your DBA can ask the right interview questions and fill your Network Administrator job with the best qualified Network Administrator developer.


Key Features

* Assists the IT manager in choosing the best-qualified Network Administrator professionals.

* Provides proven techniques that can accurately ascertain a job candidates suitability for an Network Administrator position.

* Lists the personality characteristics of successful Network Administrator professionals and how to identify candidates with the right demeanor.

* Describes methods for evaluating academic and work history for Network Administrator professionals.

* Includes managers’ checklist of personality and background characteristics that indicate a suitable Network Administrator job candidate.

* Covers techniques for quickly scan resumes and find the best-qualified Network Administrator job candidates.

* Includes oral interview questions for Network Administrator developers and Network Administrator Analysts.

* Includes Cisco job interview questions.

About the Author:

        Adam Haeder is one of the nation's foremost experts in Network Administration and Linux technology. A respected instructor and brilliant author, Adam is a Vice President at the prestigious Applied Information Management Institute in Omaha, Nebraska. Expert in Intel hardware and Network Administrator internals, Adam possesses the rare combination of management and technical expertise that is critical to the outstanding IT consultant. Adam is a Linux Certified Administrator(LCA), a Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) and a Cisco Certified Academic Instructor (CCAI).

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Network Administrator professional evaluation
Preparing the Network Administrator job offering
      Preparing the incentive package
      Defining the Required Job Skills
      Basic skills for the Network Administrator Professional
      Basic IT skills
Network Administrator Certified Professionals
The value of Network Administrator certification
      Training for certification
Characteristics of a top-notch Network Administrator professional
Sample job sheet for an Network Administrator DBA
      Network Administrator Job Requirement sheet
      Work experience
      Network Administrator Certification
      Publishing and Research
      Personal integrity
      USA Citizenship
      Additional Specialized skills
Chapter 2 - Qualities of the successful Network Administrator professional
 Evaluating Employment History
      Fraudulent work history
      Evaluating Personal integrity
      Evaluating Academic history
Personality of the Successful Network Administrator Professional
      A Curious nature
      A Tenacious disposition
      Polite Manners
      Detail Orientation


Chapter 3 - Roles for the Network Administrator Professional
Managing the Network Administrator Job Interview
The Role of the Network Administrator professional
      Configuration management
      System security
      Monitoring and tuning
      Backup and recovery strategies
      Communication skills
Chapter 4 - Initial Screening of the Network Administrator Professional
Resume evaluation for Network Administrator Professionals
      Developing questions for interviews
      Appropriate Appearance
Telephone Screening Network Administrator Job Candidates
After hiring the candidate

Chapter 5 - The on-site technical interview
Telephone pre-interview questions
In-depth Technical Interview questions
Network Administrator NetWare developer interview questions
Network Administrator programmer interview questions
Network Administrator analyst interview questions
Network Administrator Performance Tuning Job Interview Questions
Network Administrator Installation and Configuration Job Interview Questions
Network Administrator Troubleshooting Job Interview Questions




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