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ISBN: xxx
ISBN 13: xxx
Library of Congress Number:
xxx Pages - perfect bind 9x7
Publication Date -
Shelving Databases/Oracle
Oracle In-Focus Series  # xx

Oracle Application Change Management Pack (ACMP) Handbook

Kumar Viswanathan

Retail Price $39.95 /  £29.95

Key Features   About the Author Reader Comments
Table of Contents   Index Errata 


The Oracle Application Change Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite is a part of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control system that provides top-down system management of the entire IT infrastructure.
Oracle Application Change Management Pack for E-Business Suite contains 3 main components
-  Patch Manager
-  Customization Manager
-  Setup Manager
The book will cover in detail depth of how we will effectively use the Oracle ACMP as a deployment tool to deploy custom packages, rules to be followed as well as deploy, analyze and implement Oracle database and application patches along with its installations. Also, the book is intended to cover the setup and configuration migrations for Oracle E-Business Suite.
There is no Oracle ACMP authored handbook / book available in the market as well as not much material in My Oracle Support hence this handbook will be helpful for technology experts to select, use and implement Oracle ACMP for their E-Business Suite.

Key Features

* Covers complete configuration of all components related to Oracle ACMP

* Focuses mainly on all important and minute aspects required to successfully implement Oracle ACMP

* The book is unique of its kind as there never has been a book published on Oracle ACMP
Sample codes, screenshots provided in the book give proper insight about Oracle ACMP

* Relishes an experience to understand Oracle ACMP is a much better way as a deployment tool


About the Author:

Kumar Viswanathan has more than 13 year experience in various roles  as Oracle Applications DBA, Oracle DBA, SQL Server DBA, ACMP Specialist and delivered all the assignments as per the project expectations. His work responsibilities include managing team of DBA's, interacting with various project stakeholders in gathering requirements, analyzing, designing and delivering the requirements in Architect and DBA roles as per effective COST, SCHEDULE and resources available. 
Kumar also has experience in providing recommendations for existing architecture as well as building new architecture for business, infrastructure and application for basically Oracle Enterprise solutions.


Table of Contents:

Section I - Background
1.         Purpose of document 
2.         Why to learn Oracle ACMP?          
Section II – Pre-Requisites
3.         Pre-requisites details required for ACMP      
4.         Supported Releases and Platforms    
5.         Installation of Oracle 11G/12c Grid Control 
Section III – Application Change Management Pack
6.       Introduction to Application Management Pack
6.1       Assumption    
6.2       Pre-requisites for installation of AMP 
6.3       Installing Application Management Pack 
6.4       Recommended Patches          
6.5       Discovering Oracle E-Business Suite Systems with Grid Control    
7.         Configuring and using ACMP           
7.1       Setting up Preference Credentials for ACMP           
7.2       Customization Manager         
7.3       Patch Manager           
7.4       Setup Manager           
Section IV – Implementation Guidelines
8.         Rules to be followed by Developers  
8.1       Where to store files?  
8.2       Detailed coding rules and usage
Section VI - Appendix
9.         Common Issues and Resolutions
10.       Abbreviation


Reader Comments:




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