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Oracle Tips by Burleson 

Chapter 7 Oracle Storage and Object Internal Scripting  

Owner    Name          Name     Used?  Used             Version   SQL Outlined
-------- ------------- -------- ------ ---------------- --------- -----------------       
TELE_DBA PROD_OUTLINE1 PROD     UNUSED 13/05/1999 23:39 select owner,table_name
                                                                  from dba_tables
         PROD_OUTLINE2          UNUSED 13/05/1999 23:39 select * from 
         TEST_OUTLINE1 TEST     UNUSED 13/05/1999 23:39 select a.table_name,    
                                                                  c.file_name from  
                                                                  dba_tables a, dba_table 
         TEST_OUTLINE2          UNUSED 13/05/1999 23:39 select * from

In the outline report, monitor for outlines that either haven’t been used or haven’t been used recently, and review whether they are still pertinent to the database application. The outln_utl package is used to maintain outlines.

Monitoring Outline Hints

Outlines generate and use outline hints. The outline hints are viewed in the dba_outline_hints view. The report below demonstrates how to monitor the outline hints. A sample output from that report is shown below.



The Oracle script collection contains more than 600 working Oracle scripts.  You can download them immediately at this link:


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