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             Write for Rampant TechPress

Rampant TechPress is currently soliciting new authors for our growing line of Oracle books. 

Becoming a published book author is a great way to jumpstart your career and make your family proud.  Being a recognized book author also elevates your official reputation as an expert in database management.  You do not need to be an English major to write a book.  Rampant has experienced copy editors to polish and enhance your writing.

To get started in your adventure as a book author, just send us an e-mail to with your topic idea.

We are especially interested in emerging database technologies and seek authors for any popular Oracle topics.

Rampant TechPress is a unique publishing paradigm targeted at IT professionals who need fast and accurate working examples of complex issues.  Please see our title list to understand the types of books that we publish and review our author FAQ page.

The Rampant Approach

Rampant TechPress books are distributed through sales channels worldwide. Our books appear in Borders, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and hundreds of local bookstores around the globe.

Click here to read the Rampant Management Goals.

Rampant TechPress
books are unique because they have a super-tight focus and quickly provide IT professionals with what they need to solve their problems.  All Rampant books must comply with strict quality guidelines in order to meet our goal of making your masterpiece a reality.

  • Expert Authors – All Rampant TechPress authors are content experts and are carefully screened for technical ability and communications skills.

  • Pragmatic - Rampant does not publish theory books, and insists on practical content that allows our readers to quickly understand and apply the technology.

  • Lots of working examples Rampant TechPress books are packed with working examples and pragmatic tips.  When applicable, Rampant books contain a code depot with working code scripts.

  • Concise – Most Rampant TechPress books are less than 250 pages and get right to the point of the tough technical issues.

  • Tight focus - The Rampant TechPress books address tight IT topics and target specific technical areas of technology.

  • Affordable – All Rampant books must be reasonably priced, usually substantially below their competition.  Rampant TechPress books are the affordable solution to challenging technical issues.

No Hassle Author Compensation

Rampant is owned and managed by real-world computer book authors.  We understand that our authors are our greatest asset, and we have developed a unique model to maximize author compensation.  

Rampant TechPress is an altruistic, non-traditional publisher and offers one-third more royalty percentages than many traditional publishers.  To maximize author revenue, Rampant does not pay an advance, thereby allowing the author to enjoy a 15% royalty on net sales.  Here is the rough breakdown of each dollar spent on technical books:

Rampant has no extra author costs, hidden clauses, or cryptic foreign distribution rights.  Our authors get 15% of the net revenue from their books, with no hassles and no adversarial negotiations.  Because all Rampant authors are leaders in their area of expertise, we do not play favorites and all authors receive the same, non negotiable, royalty rate.  It is not necessary to have an agent.

Author Benefits

Because we are a consortium of computer book authors, we put the author first.  We are not a charity, but we are altruistic and maximize author revenue with the goal of providing the market with high-quality, low-cost technical books.

  • High Royalty Rate - Our publishing model provides the author a one-third higher royalty percentage than other publishers.

  • Mentoring - As experienced authors ourselves, we make you look great in-print.  Rampant provide experts counseling, clear author guidelines and employ some of the best technical reviewers and copyeditors anywhere.  For example, successful Rampant author Chris Lawson talks about what to expect when writing your first computer book.

  • No Author Costs - There are no extra author costs such as book indexing fees.

  • Vendor Partnerships - In our Oracle In-focus series, Rampant has become an Oracle Publishing Partner, offering access to developers, the beta programs, published excerpts in Oracle Technical Network and book reviews in Oracle Magazine.

  • Free Promotional Copies - We provide free copies to raffle at author lectures, book-signings, media appearances, presentations and conference proceedings.

  • Publicity - We actively promote our authors and arrange technology-related exposure in media and news channels.  We also arrange special book promotions with user groups and technical news web sites.

  • Exposure - Rampant publishes book excerpts in all major online portals.  For our Oracle authors, book promotions appear on Oracle Technical Network,  SearchOracle, DBAZine, OraFAQ and many others.

For these reasons, Rampant has attracted some of the most well-known authors in the industry.

Proposal Submission

Please review our suggestions for choosing and justifying your computer book proposal.

If you have a technical idea that meets these criteria and are interested in becoming an author, we would like to hear from you.  Before you make a proposal, make sure that you can commit the time required to write a book, as you must meet your chapter delivery schedule.  To see common author concerns and questions, see the Rampant Author FAQ and Author Self-Promotion activities.

Because commissioning a new book requires a significant financial investment, be sure that your proposal includes an assessment of the market for your book.

Justifying your proposed book

As a new author, your very first job to convince a publisher to invest their hard earned money in you and your book topic.  In a super-competitive market, it's important for Rampant to choose talented authors who have distinguished themselves by achieving Oracle certifications (ACE, OCM) and by publishing blogs and magazine articles.

To get approval to spend the large sums required to commission a book for worldwide distribution, Rampant needs to determine the elasticity of the market and set a price point, based on estimated competition:

  • Price-sensitive books - An "elastic" book is one with many close competitors (e.g. PL/SQL books). For these, we would need to have a very low price in order to be competitive.

  • High priced books - On the other hand, and "inelastic book" is one without any competitors (e.g. our "Oracle Streams" and "Oracle Forensics" books), these books can command a higher price because they have no close substitutes.

Once you have analyzed the market and determined a price point, Rampant will gather actual sales information on the competing books and predict the future sales for the new book. It's all about ROI.  If the gross estimated return on investment (estimates sales times book price) is greater than the total investment cost, your book topic will be deemed as economically feasible and is much more likely to be accepted.

Remember, you do not need to choose a broad topic in order to have a feasible book topic. Highly inelastic topics (i.e. specialty books for physicians, engineers, & computer professionals) can command very high prices and require only a few hundred sales to have a break-even ROI.

Download the book proposal form

Simply download the Book Proposal form by clicking on the below, add your content, and e-mail the completed proposal to


Download sample Rampant TechPress Book Proposal


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