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Rampant Customer Appreciation - 40%-off

As a previous Rampant Customer, you know that Rampant is committed to delivering the best technology tips and secrets.  Check the coupon code on your mailing and receive an additional 10% over our already low prices on our latest releases.

New Oracle Book Releases

This fall has heralded the introduction of several important new Oracle books.

Oracle PL/SQL Tuning - Dr. Tim Hall (The 2006 Oracle ACE of the Year), shares his expert secrets for High Performance PL/SQL Programming

Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference – This is Donald K. Burleson’s masterwork, nearly 1,000 pages packed with useful tips and Oracle tuning scripts:

Oracle Application Express (Apex) – This is the bestselling book on the new HTML-DB technology for rapid development of online Oracle systems

Easy Oracle PHP - Create Dynamic Web Pages with Oracle Data using PHP technology.

Personal Oracle RAC Clusters - Create Oracle 10g Grid Computing at home with this great learning guide

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As a previous Rampant customer we invite you to take an additional 10%-off our already discounted prices, saving up to 60% off retail on these new technology packs:

Oracle Tuning 6-Pack
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Oracle RAC 6-Pack
Six hot Oracle RAC references - $79.95 /  £59.95

Oracle Developer 6-Pack
Six hot Oracle developer references - $79.95 /  £59.95

Oracle 10g 6-Pack
Six hot Oracle 10g references - $69.95 /  £49.95

Easy Oracle 6-Pack
Six hot Oracle easy references - $59.95 /  £49.95

Oracle Reference 6-Pack
Six hot Oracle references - $59.95 /  £49.95

Rampant TechPress is committed to bringing the best Oracle authors and Oracle technologies together in affordable and informational Oracle books.





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