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Oracle Tips by Burleson 

array range ( number low, number high [, number step] )

This range() returns an array of elements from low to high, inclusive.  If low > high, the sequence is from high to low. The optional step parameter has been added in PHP 5.0.0.  If a step value is given, it is used as the increment between elements in the sequence. step should be given as a positive number. If not specified, step defaults to 1.  This function is extremely useful in looping through arrays with the foreach statement.

The following example shows how to do this:

Example 11:

    foreach(range(0,10) as $i) {
       $sum += $A[$i];

In this example the range function is used both to define the array $A and to loop through it to compute the sum. 

See code depot for complete scripts

The above book excerpt is from:

Easy Oracle PHP

Create Dynamic Web Pages with Oracle Data

ISBN 0-9761573-0-6   

Mladen Gogala


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