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  Oracle Tips by Burleson

ATA Configurations

The ATA array was tested for the following configurations:

  • nologging and noarchive base run
  • nologging and noarchive
  • Logs and temp files on SSD
  • Data on SSD full buffer memory (1 gigabyte)
  • Data on SSD half buffer memory (500 megabytes)

The percentage difference between SSD and SATA are so large it does not make sense to even report them; however, the total elapsed times, adding in a base of 1,440 minutes per each non-complete query for the SCSI, show a factor of 179 times difference between the SSD and ATA results in favor of the SSD drives. The queries for the SSD tests all completed, while several in the ATA tests were halted at the 24 hour point.

In order to plot the results on a single plot, the vertical scale had to be switched to logarithmic; therefore, the changes in query time may only appear to be slight on the graph but may actually be several tens of percentage points. The runs not involving the SSD showed consistent results.

When the temp and undo tablespaces were moved to the SSD drives some queries improved, while others got worse. When the data tablespace was moved to SSD all query times were improved by an average of 100 percent. The reduction of db_cache_size by half with the data tablespace on SSD actually show some improvements in performance on queries number two, eight, 11, 13, and 13a, while the others performed worse than the full memory levels. However, all of the queries performed better with the data on the SSD than the ones on 100% ATA.

The above book excerpt is from:

Oracle RAC & Grid Tuning with Solid State Disk
Expert Secrets for High Performance Clustered Grid Computing

ISBN: 0-9761573-5-7
Mike Ault, Donald K. Burleson  

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